4th of July week!! DUI jail pickup, hospital, record earnings & a showgirl.

4th of July week!! DUI jail pickup, hospital, record earnings & a showgirl.

I knew early on I had to set aside the whole week June 29th – July 5th to drive for my trusting friends at Lyft HQ.

Yes, it was time to earn some money and help some people!

And no, it didn’t disappoint!

Sure, not at as crazy income as back in the day when people made several thousand dollar a week because they were the only driver available and the prices were much higher. But still earned enough to buy my wife something nice! (Which I still have to do..)
I ended up making $950 that week. That includes the 20% bonus for driving for 50+ hours..Pheeew..
You can find more breakdown of the earning here
Early that week I drove a woman by the name of Amanda to the hospital. She was admitting herself because she was a danger to herself when being alone. She was struggling with addiction and depression and basically kicked out of her house from what I understood.But but was heartened after the ride because we connected well and I was able to pray and encourage her (we were both people of faith).
Around 2pm 4th July down in Long Beach, due to the sheer amount of people being squeezed together on the beach and apparantly being on the cellphone at the same time, the phone system just couldn’t handle it. Google Maps, Verizon signal and Lyft app was dropping out and freezing in the midst of heavy passenger requests, people trying to get back from the beach. So not the best time for the money machine to stop, but thankfully it didn’t last for too long.
July 5th, during the infamous “walk of shame” sunday the day after, I picked up  Shaba from the county holding cell. The night before this 50 something old man had been in a DUI. Crashing as a matter of fact, his first ever! He had pushed it a few times before, but I guess it finally caught up with him. And to top it off, the police were right behind him when it happened. I felt bad for the guy, his head hung pretty low, and he was wondering how he could get out of this mess.
My last ride on sunday was driving a woman to work at the Gentlemen’s club.



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