Alright, if you are contemplating driving for Lyft, you really have nothing to loose to try it out!

That’s the nice thing about it!

The flexibility and that you don’t have to commit to anything if you afterwards decide to back out.

I trust that you have read some of my story and other stories to help form an idea of what to expect.

You can also email me if you have any questions! Be sure to check out my earnings section to see what kind of money I have made driving for Lyft, although I’m sure some people are better at optimizing their driving than me 🙂

Anyways, when you sign up thru the link, you get up to $1000 bonus  depending on what city you live in and meet the requirements.

So this is going to take some effort, but with pushing thru- you will make up to $1000 on top of what you already made! That is a very nice sized bonus!

“Always have a good experience with Lyft.
Drivers are friendly. Cars are clean. Never have to wait long for a ride. Fare is always more affordable than a taxi. What’s not to like?
Plus the glowing moustache is totally awesome.” – Eric R.  Los Angeles

Use code “ANDREAS506596” when you create an account and sign up to drive for Lyft – or click the link!

If you have any questions, email me, or leave a comment below!


Here is the current Sign Up Bonuses you can receive based on where you live:


Referral Amounts and Ride Requirements

City of New Driver Bonus Amount Ride Requirement in 30 days
Atlanta $150 50
Baltimore $200 30
Boston* $300 30
Charlotte $50 30
Chicago* $150 50
Columbus $10 30
Dallas $100 50
Denver $350 50
Detroit $200 30
Indianapolis $200 30
Inland Empire $10 30
Lake Tahoe $10 30
Las Vegas $300 50**
Los Angeles* $350 100
Miami $50 100
Minneapolis $200 30
Nashville* $500 50
New Jersey $350 75
New Orleans $200 30
New York City $1,000 150***
Orange County $500 75
Philadelphia* $500 50
Phoenix $10 30
Pittsburgh $200 30
Portland* $200 50
Reno $10 30
Sacramento $200 75
San Antonio $10 30
San Diego $200 75
San Francisco* $500 100
Seattle* $50 50
Silicon Valley $500 100
Tucson $10 50
Washington, D.C.* $500 50

*Bonus amounts and ride requirements may vary in this region depending on the code used to start a driver application. Please Contact Us for details about your application.

**Rides required must occur within a 15 day period.

***Rides required must occur within a 45 day period.

Here is the link for more info!

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