Hell Hath No Fury…

Hell Hath No Fury…
I came across this story from a passenger the other day.
A colleague Lyft driver picked up a woman one evening, and immediately he could tell that she was not happy.
In fact she was crying, a lot. She was devastated and crying her eyes out.
Well the boyfriend had just broken up with her, and I guess there was something more to it than just “it’s not you, it’s me” kinda thing. Anyways, when the driver arrived at her home, she said “I don’t want to go home yet, just keep on driving”
And so they did. They just drove on. All over L.A: North – South – East – West. For about 3 hours she was pouring her heart out, venting all the frustrations and unhappiness she was experiencing.
Finally she felt she had gotten it out of her system and they drove to her home and he dropped her of. “Thank you so much for listening to me and driving me around! I wanted to get back at my ex. The ride was requested on his credit card!”
The driver nodded and smiled kindly to her as he looked on the final amount for the ride – $230
It was one final kick in the gut from an angry ex girlfriend.

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