Jason Truck Guy – put on other shoes

Jason Truck Guy – put on other shoes
“So how is it driving for a truck company?” I asked Jason a few minutes after pickup at the Long Beach port area and after initial pleasantries.
“I enjoy it! Except for sometimes when other people cut in front of you and behave dangerously on the highway. You know, I try to drive as courteous as I can and not be in peoples way and stuff. But it’s hard when you become the source of others people frustration and they behave obnoxious on the road”
That made me think a little bit. It was kinda nice to hear a truck drivers perspective and get a face to put on these big vehicles that often occupy the road and make my commute 2,2% slower and cause me to get unnecessarily aggravated. Most of these guys are just doing their job, transporting goods from A to B, helping the world turn.
So I thought I should be a bit courteous and understanding in the future, that it is not easy to navigate these big machines in the Los Angeles traffic, and that most of them are trying to be as least of a burden as possible to the flow of cars.

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