My top 3 stories from being a Lyft driver.

My top 3 stories from being a Lyft driver.

You meet a lot of people when you are driving as a “taxi”.

I have been driving for Lyft on and off since february 2015, and have about 840 rides under my belt by now. That probably means I’ve hosted about 1000 people in my car.

I’ve tried to keep track of interesting individuals and stories as I’ve been out on the road, and here are my top 3:

To the rescue

Pulled up to a street apartment one evening up in west hollywood area. It was a guy who had made the request, but when I called him, he said his friend needed the ride. After a few minutes of waiting in the dark, I see a character come up on the side of my car. I unlock the car door and the person opens the door. It is a middle aged woman and she seems to be in some kind of distress. She is sweating and breathing heavily and tells me

“Time is of the essence! This is an emergency!”

She is carrying something in her hand as well as pulling some kind of rolling cart with something in it. Well I rush out of the car to help her load her stuff in the back, and she sits down in the backseat with whatever she is carrying. “You have to step on it! We are going to the emergency room! It is ok to speed today, you can go 75mph in the 65mph zone, it is ok, everybody does it here!” So I’m like “wow, this is serious stuff, what should I do, I better get her to the emergency room! Should we call an ambulance instead? I wonder why they called Lyft? What’s going on?”

Well then I hear her in the backseat gently saying to the small thing she was carrying with some kind of cover over it: “there there, you will be ok, you will be ok. I’m sorry, I’m sorry..”

I then realize it is a Parrot she is holding! I am rushing her bird to the emergency room! Apparently it had gotten sick during the evening, and she had called ahead to a doctor and we had to rush there before the bird got any worse.

Hehe, that was a fun 20 minute ride, and I felt I was part of at least a small adventure in the life of a Lyft driver. We managed to get there in time while the bird still had a pulse, and I hope from there everything went well, and that her bird recovered 🙂

Walk of shame

On July 5th 2015, during the infamous “walk of shame” sunday the day after, I picked up Shaba from the county holding cell. It was a sad individual with his head hung low. The night before this 50 something year old man had been in a DUI. Crashing into another car as a matter of fact. It was his first ever! He had pushed it a few times before, but I guess it finally caught up with him. And to top it off, the police were right behind him when it happened! I felt bad for the guy. You could feel the anguish of the situation as he was wondering how he could get out of this mess. He was on the phone with a lawyer as I dropped him off at the car depot where he was going to check out his car to see what shape it was in.

I can’t tell you how many passengers I’ve had who had a run in with a DUI of some sort. I am glad that rideshare possibilities provides some relief to the statistics.



That is her name.

A lady I picked up in north Orange County one Tuesday evening. I had to get out to help her load a few bags of clothing and books as she got into the car. She seemed a little bit distracted, but friendly and sweet. As we started driving she directed me on the way and I realized after a few miles that we were heading to the hospital.

She was admitting herself because she realized she was a danger to herself when being alone. She told me she was struggling with addiction and depression and basically kicked out of her house from what I understood.  As we pulled up to the hospital entrance we were able to pray together before she got out. She was crying as she was telling me about her struggle, but was heartened and encouraged by what seemed to be a “divine connection” with me picking her up and encouraging her on her way.

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